Simple Reminders To Help Us Be In The Moment

Life moves at us fast and sometimes we need simple reminders to help us be in the moment.  I get so busy some days being a wife, a mom, coach, a mentor, a friend, a daughter and so many other roles that I forget to take time to pause and focus on ‘Right Now’ and ‘this moment in time’.

I can get caught up and spend time thinking, and I hate to admit but it’s true ‘worrying’, about the future, goals, what happened yesterday or last week or last month.  Literally, everything that has led me to where I am today…both good and bad can play over and over in my head.   I have to be so very really careful NOT to spend ALL my time in either place.

My friend, shared this great idea with me and I couldn’t wait to do it and share it with all of you. Here it is:

Be in the Moment Marble

Take 2 jars and 1 pack of marbles which will represent each year of your life.   I went to Michael’s craft store to get my jars and marbles.

Put one jar on the left, one jar on the right and something to hold one marble in the middle. I used a sand dollar to hold that one marble.

be in the moment

Place one marble in your left jar for every year of your life that has passed.
• An average man will live until age 84
• An average woman will live until age 87.

Place one marble in the middle, which represents your current year/age. Hold that marble, feel it. It represents ‘Now’ and reminds us to be in the moment and be present.

The jar on the right holds the remaining marbles/years you have left in life.

If you feel yourself getting carried away with too much planning, reflecting or you find yourself spending too much time with technology – phones, laptops and TVs, go grab your middle marble. Breathe. Remind yourself to be in the moment.

I used to have my jar in my living room but I moved it to my bedroom where I can see it every morning when I get dressed to remind me to be in the moment each and every day.

Comment below and let me know if you do this exercise.  I would love to know how it’s helped you 🙂

A few more tips to ‘Be in the Moment’

  1. be in the momentSmile.  It’s free! And it affects our mood and allow us to be in the moment. It’s really hard to think about the past or worry about the future when we’re smiling 🙂
  2. Fully appreciate every moment of each day. Soak in as much of today as you can – the sights all around you – your home and family, the sounds – birds chirping or your kids playing, the smells of good food or fresh air.  Truly enjoy everything.

  3. Love your job.  I worked in corporate america for 25 years and I was really good at what I did.  And, I met some really great people.   But there were so many days that I was sitting at a desk and just “surviving” the workweek.   Always waiting for the day to end, which meant……I was wasting 71% of my life (5 out of 7 days) doing something I didn’t love and I certainly wasn’t able to be in the moment.  None of us want to live like this, right?   When we love what we do….we can be in the moment and really love life.

    So I had a choice.

    1) Find something that I appreciated about my current career and focus on that rather than the negatives. Which I did for many years. And, you may be in this same situation.

     2) Find a new job that I actually loved.  Which I did 6 years ago.  You can read more about me and my journey on my About me page.  I’m now a full-time Beachbody Coach – health & fitness coach and business mentor working from home.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would love to connect and learn more about you and your story and see if what I do would be a good fit for you.

I hope you can use one or all of these tips to help you…..be in the moment 🙂

~Christine xo

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