What do Beachbody Coach Levels mean?

Author: Greg Plaskett

When I became a Beachbody Coach I wanted to know right away how how the business works especially the beachbody coach levels, ranks and the income possibilities.  You may be asking yourself these questions too.  So let me dive right in.

Beachbody Coach Levels

Beachbody uses a Binary system meaning you have two legs. A right and a left leg with you at the top creating a triangle leaving out the base . /\

Lets start at the beginning. When you 1st sign up you are a “Coach”. another world some companies use is “wholesale distributor” Sales Consultant” etc.  Because of the industry that Beachbody is associated with “Health and Fitness” the word coach is perfect for the 1st Beachbody Coach level.

Beachbody coach levels

Greg on Stage at Coach Summit 2012 as Elite

EMERALD  is considered  2nd in the Beachbody coach levels. This is also one of the most important levels in Beachbody. Emerald happens when you sponsor two people. And both can be family members. This is important because you now can control your emerald rank with family members. If one is a spouse even better. That will eventually become a second income stream.  Emerald also enables you to start creating TCB. Team Cycle Bonuses at $14.00 per cycle. The maximum you can earn in TCB is $250.00 or 18 cycles per week. This is where most of our income comes from, and over time this is what will provide you with freedom of Time. As you level up, your potential income rises. Emerald also enables you to receive customers from Beachbody. Customers who purchase from the TV infomercials are given to *qualifying Emerald coaches and above as customers.


The importance of signing your spouse.



Beachbody coach levels


The Ruby Beachbody Coach levels require you to sponsor 4 people. 2 on your left leg and two on your right leg. This now is where some work and leadership skills start to develop.  At least one of those coaches on each leg has to become emerald.  With a family member or spouse Emerald that is a bonus as you now control another account with another potential income stream, that you can continue to build. Ruby TCB’s are now at $16.00 per cycle.The maximum you can earn is $1,000 per week in TCB. Ruby is also where you now receive a 5% matching bonus on any of your Personally sponsored coaches that are Emerald and above cycling with TCB.


This is the 1st major goal in the Beachbody Coach Levels. Diamond is where this business really starts. You are now at your official 1st Level of Leadership. This rank requires 4 coaches on your left leg and 4 coaches on your right leg. Each leg Requires only one Emerald. Most people skip over Ruby due to the fact they usually sponsor 8 people before getting their Emeralds. Diamond level utilizes the maximum amount of TCB’s . Each cycle is now $18.00.  The maximum you can earn is $2,000 a week in TCB Diamond also now gives you 10% matching bonus on all your Personally sponsored coaches Emerald and above Cycling with TCB. Over time this grows !

Beachbody coach levels

The above picture shows you a binary compensation plan. The correct strategy is to build far left far right creating a /\ as mentioned in the beginning of this article. It is up to each coach to build their inside leg sharing and outside leg creating a true team bonus program. Coaches will get placed below you helping you earn more money.


When a diamond coach helps to build one of their personally sponsored coaches to diamond that gives the sponsoring coach  *star. One star diamond is achieved! The maximum amount you can Earn in TCB is $3,000 per week.


Another major milestone in the Beachbody Coach levels. For two star diamond you must have one personally sponsored diamond on each leg. The maximum you can earn in TCB is $4,000 per week. The big plus about this rank is that you get to open up another business center and place it anywhere in your organization and start compounding TCB’s . Known as Business stacking. You can have a maximum of 25 business centers or CBC’s.  All maxed out that would be $300,000/wk or $15,600,000.00 a year!. that is just in TCB’s not including matching bonuses and retail sales. Another big reason to get to two star diamond is you now are eligible for the star diamond bonus pool receiving a quarterly bonus. Typically these are from $900.00 to $1200.00


Each of these levels opens up your weekly earning in TCB by $1,000.  3 star is $5,000 per week. 4 star is $6,000 per week.


This is where you are recognized as a National leader. This is considered the big time in the Beachbody Coach levels. You are put in a private FB page with only 5 star coaches and above with direct communication with corporate. You have a direct VIP line to Coach Relations. You now have a larger quarterly bonus somewhere between $2600 and $4500 quarterly, with a weekly TCB earning cap of $7,000 per week. YOU MUST HAVE , 3 diamonds on one leg and 2 on the opposite to hit 5 star diamond.


Each of these ranks gives you another 1k potential per week in earnings. 8k, 9k, 10k, 11k total per week in TCB’s


This is the ultimate level and very tough to achieve. You will need 10 of your personally sponsored coaches to hit diamond and must be split between legs. 5 on left and 5 on right. The quarterly bonus is anywhere between $11,000 and $16,000. Ten Star diamond also maxes out the comp plan in TCB’s. a maximum of $12,000 in TCB can be earned cycling 96 times a day.


For These ranks there is no more money earned per week.  15 star diamond packs a HUGE quarterly bonus around 30K to 50k WOW! 15 Star diamond is recognized as the top rank in the Beachbody Coach Levels.

Beachbody Coach Levels

There is much to debate about going for 15 star.  With Beachbody allowing coaches to open multiple businesses it really would benefit a coach to build another 5 star business within his/hers business over time that will earn much more money per year but also weekly. That is for another blog post. Some 15 star coaches got there organically which is great, but making a run to get to 15 star In my opinion is a big mistake.


In order to achieve any star diamond ranking you must hold that diamond for 6 consecutive weeks in a quarter. Many coaches fall in an out of rank throughout the year. Once you acheive a star diamond rank, you are now recognized as that new rank. IF you drop rank you are still recognized. So to hit that BIG 15 star bonus, you would need to keep 180 coaches active in a specific hierarchy for 6 consecutive weeks every quarter. One goes inactive and no Big Bonus. OUCH.

TCB’s are only one source of income for coaches, as mentioned earlier there are matching bonuses from coaches who cycle and also retail sales both have no limit.

beachbody coach levels


These are coaches that follow active business building guide lines set By Team Beachbody. Active  sponsoring, and duplicating. in 2015 there were 292 Elite coaches. As coaches are in the network longer it becomes more difficult to Hit Elite. Reason is one of the categories is ATV (Advanced Team Volume) This is total volume from your 1st three levels of sponsorship. This grows rapidly from year after year. A coach get an elite point in this category, for every 10,000 points over the previous years ATV. So for example our ATV in 2015 was 1.8 million and it didn’t surpass that amount until November 2015. This year the year may run out before it starts to accumulate points. THIS IS A GOOD problem to have.

One thing to understand is the different levels of Beachbody Coaching does not mean you are making any particular amount of money. It all comes down to how active your team is and what it is generating for volume.  We teach our coaches volume strategy over recognition. We also support any coach that loves recognition and will help them if that is there goal…But recognition does not get you financial freedom.


These are the same coaches doing what is needed for Elite but have a larger retail business also. Retail is not a long term solution in my opinion. Many of these  coaches compete for the recognition. Some are making lost of money and some are not.

Ranks do not mean you are a higher earner in Beachbody. A 15 star can make less than a 5 star, etc.  Want to know even more about earnings?    Check out my wife’s blog on How do Beachbody Coaches Make Money?

If you are interested in joining our team take a look at our Application to Become a Beachbody Coach. Or Contact Us to set up a call to connect. We would love to chat with you to find out your goals and what your dreams are and guide you into making them a reality.


Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Statement of Independent Coach Earnings.

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