P90X3 Workouts

P90x3 Workouts.

The p90x3 workouts consist of a 90-days, 6 days a week fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day. This program is one, if not our favorite. This is not a graduate program, meaning it is not necessary to have completed p90x,or p90x2 1st. There are modifications for every move!

p90x3 workoutsWe had a chance to to this live with Tony on numerous occasions and since we have both completed this We feel we should tell you about it from our perspective. There are 16 P90x3 workouts in total combined to give you a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an large variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged every day for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity. Each workout is only 30 minutes. Unlike the 1st p90x there are literally very little breaks. So even with a jam-packed schedule, you will always have time to BRING IT. Every move is designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get you ripped in record time.

P90X3 is one of our favorite programs! 30 minutes is a nice break from the 60 to 90 minute original p90x.

The P90x3 workouts  can be completed following 1 of 4 different schedules depending on your goals. The schedule we follow is the “classic” .  The next schedule is the “Lean” and for the 1st time in any P90x series is a “mass” schedule, and lastly the “doubles” for the Fanatics.

If you purchase the deluxe kit you get an additional 4 week “Elite block”  with 3 additional workouts.


Workout breakdown

The workout schedules are set up in “blocks”. Each block is 3 weeks long with a transition week between.

Here is a list of the p90x3 workouts

Total Synergistics –  Isometrix

Agility X – The Warrior

X3 Yoga-  Eccentric Upper

The challenge – Eccentric Lower

Pilates X –  MMX

Incinerator -Decelerator

Dynamix –  Isometrix

MMX –  Triometrics

Elite workouts

Complex upper

Complex lower

X3 Ab Ripper

P90x3 is a functional fitness program.



44b31c_62bde4d55d744dc7a34009b7ce6fbc6aP90X3 is an amazing way to get fit in only 30-minutes a day! The Program includes incredible workouts and a nutrition guide to help you maximize every minute! Plus, when you sign up with us as your Coaches, you get our Special Tips, Private Facebook Team Support and Amazing Motivation!!!

Check out Tony Horton’s videos below and information about why P90X3 WORKS!

What is included?

p90x3 workouts

* Sixteen (16) Extreme Workouts

* P90X3 Fitness Guide

* P90X3 Nutrition Guide

* How to Accelerate Intro DVD

* 90-Day Wall Calendar

* Three (3) P90X3 Branded Stickers


* A Set of Dumbells or Resistance Bands:
(10-40 lbs. for Guys 5-25 lbs. for Gals)

* A Way to do Pull-ups:
(Either a Doorway Pull-up Bar, a Pull-up Tower, or a Door Attachment for Resistance Bands)

* Optional Equipment:
(A Yoga Mat or Jump Mat, PowerStands®, the P90X Chin-Up Max, the P90X App)