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Simple Reminders To Help Us Be In The Moment

be in the moment

Life moves at us fast and sometimes we need simple reminders to help us be in the moment.  I get so busy some days being a wife, a mom, coach, a mentor, a friend, a daughter and so many other roles that I forget to take time […]

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Piece by Piece – He collected me

piece by piece

“Piece by piece he restored my faith That a man can be kind and a father could… stay … But piece by piece he collected me Up off the ground where you abandoned things, yeah Piece by piece he filled the holes That you burned in me […]

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Mindset – Using the I AM Method


I recently listened to an amazing podcast about MINDSET with Seth Ellsworth that I just had to share. Seth is a professional family man.  He uses an “I AM Method” in his private coaching for entreprenuers, business owners. This podcast is called – How to grow your online business super […]

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Healthy Movie Night Snacks Your Family Will Love

healthy movie night snacks - greg and christine plaskett

It’s fall here in New England and it’s starting to get to that time where family movie nights by the fire are a necessity 😉 My family and I absolutely LOVE having movie nights as well as the snacks that come along with them. But unfortunately, many […]

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FIXATE – Cookbook and Cooking Show

Fixate cooking show

Who doesn’t love a good cooking show? There are entire networks tied to food and cooking and they are some of the most popular out there on television! But how many of them are based on healthy options? Not too many that I’m aware of. So this […]

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Weight Loss Inspiration When You’re Struggling

Weight loss inspiration

Are you struggling to find weight loss inspiration? We’ve all been there…we want to make a change in our health and fitness, but struggle to find the weight loss inspiration we need to make it happen. Can you relate? So how exactly do we find your weight loss […]

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A layoff is coming. Do you have a backup plan?

A layoff is coming. Do you have a backup plan?

Another layoff. Is this part of every day life now? Today I learned about 2 more friends that I worked with in corporate america that just got let go during the latest layoff. A few months ago I learned about 2 other friends. A year ago I […]

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How to Have a Happy Marriage

happy marriage

How to Have a Happy Marriage Christine and I have been married 18 years in that time we have been through so much. We do indeed have a Happy Marriage and I want to perhaps provide some valuable information on how we have stayed together when divorce […]

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