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How to Reduce your Cholesterol Naturally

I was at the doctors office in my early 20s for a routine checkup and learned from my blood work that my cholesterol was borderline high.  It totally freaked me out!  There I was in my early 20s….I was healthy.  I exercised.  And I had border line […]

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Diet or Exercise: Which Is More Important?

diet or exercise

Every once in a while, my husband, Greg and I, get asked this question: “Which is more important, diet or exercise?” And our answer is simple—It’s not diet OR exercise…it’s both 😉 Over the last few years, we’ve learned so much about diet and exercise while on […]

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Wow! Certified Organic, Non-GMO Smoothies for Kids!

Organic Smoothies for Kids

How many times in the afternoon or after school have you asked yourself what healthy snack can I give my kids.  Or if you pack their lunch and snacks you stare in the refrigerator or cupboard looking for someting healthy that they’ll eat.  What if I told […]

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How to reduce a bloated tummy

bloated tummy

Does anyone else ever suffer from a bloated tummy, abdominal discomfort, or even…*ahem* gas? I drink my Shakeology every day and love all the digestive enzymes that it has in it but I also felt like I needed a little something more. It could be because I […]

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What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

beachbody challenge group

You’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and you see a post to ‘Join my Beachbody Challenge Group’.   And, you’re probably thinking what exactly is a challenge group? What is a Beachbody Challenge Group? A Beachbody Challenge group is a group of people who have committed to […]

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Shift Shop – Coach Test Group Review

shift shop

May 2017.  “Congratulations, you both have been selected to take part in the Shift Shop Coach Test Group! We are very excited to give you early access to try Beachbody’s all-new, 3-Week Rapid Rebuild, created by our newest Super Trainer – Chris Downing!” My husband, Greg and I couldn’t believe it when we received […]

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A New Shakeology Flavor is coming!

New Shakeology Flavor

March 2017   What?!   Another new Shakeology flavor is coming!    Right now Shakeology is already available in 7 different flavors: Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Cafe Latte Greenberry Chocolate – Vegan Tropical Strawberry – Vegan And, now we are hearing that A NEW SHAKEOLOGY FLAVOR  is coming soon!  In 2016, Cafe […]

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5 simple ingredients for Roasted Root Vegetables

roasted root vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe I was never a big fan of eating roasted root vegetables, especially Beets or Onions.  It just wasn’t something I grew up on.   But then I was introduced to this amazing recipe when I did the Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox Cleanse.  This program changed […]

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My Top Tip for Keeping New Year Resolutions

tip for keeping new year resolutions

Did you follow through on your New Year’s Resolution?   It’s March, which means that so many of us are struggling with our New Year’s resolutions and need a good Tip for Keeping New Year Resolutions. Research show that by the end of January, 36% of us have […]

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Jicama Salad with Avocado – Gluten Free

jicama salad

Jicama Salad with Avocado is a tasty and fulfilling salad that I discovered when I did the Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox Cleanse program.    At the time, I didn’t know what a ‘Jicama’ was and I certainly didn’t know how to pronounce it…LOL! It’s pronounced ‘hikəmə and it’s now one of […]

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