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How to Reduce your Cholesterol Naturally

I was at the doctors office in my early 20s for a routine checkup and learned from my blood work that my cholesterol was borderline high.  It totally freaked me out!  There I was in my early 20s….I was healthy.  I exercised.  And I had border line […]

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Incredible Focus T25 Results – Jennifer S.

focus t25 results - greg and christine plaskett

I remember when the Focus T25 program was first introduced to the public. A lot people questioned whether or not you could really get a good workout and great results in just 25 minutes a day. But as the T25 results started pouring in from the test […]

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Simple Reminders To Help Us Be In The Moment

be in the moment

Life moves at us fast and sometimes we need simple reminders to help us be in the moment.  I get so busy some days being a wife, a mom, coach, a mentor, a friend, a daughter and so many other roles that I forget to take time […]

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Diet or Exercise: Which Is More Important?

diet or exercise

Every once in a while, my husband, Greg and I, get asked this question: “Which is more important, diet or exercise?” And our answer is simple—It’s not diet OR exercise…it’s both 😉 Over the last few years, we’ve learned so much about diet and exercise while on […]

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Wow! Certified Organic, Non-GMO Smoothies for Kids!

Organic Smoothies for Kids

How many times in the afternoon or after school have you asked yourself what healthy snack can I give my kids.  Or if you pack their lunch and snacks you stare in the refrigerator or cupboard looking for someting healthy that they’ll eat.  What if I told […]

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Coach vs Customer – What’s the difference?


You may be wondering what your options are to sign up with Team Beachbody. Below is a breakdown of the 3 different types of Coaches and the benefits of a Coach vs a Customer. When you sign up as a distributor, you are a Coach.  How you […]

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7 Things To Know Before You Join A Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing

7 things to know before you join a network marketing company from an experienced network marketing professional You’ve been introduced to a network marketing company opportunity and you are seriously considering joining.  I’ve joined 3 network marketing businesses in my lifetime.  I wish I read a blog like this […]

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How to reduce a bloated tummy

bloated tummy

Does anyone else ever suffer from a bloated tummy, abdominal discomfort, or even…*ahem* gas? I drink my Shakeology every day and love all the digestive enzymes that it has in it but I also felt like I needed a little something more. It could be because I […]

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Piece by Piece – He collected me

piece by piece

“Piece by piece he restored my faith That a man can be kind and a father could… stay … But piece by piece he collected me Up off the ground where you abandoned things, yeah Piece by piece he filled the holes That you burned in me […]

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Mindset – Using the I AM Method


I recently listened to an amazing podcast about MINDSET with Seth Ellsworth that I just had to share. Seth is a professional family man.  He uses an “I AM Method” in his private coaching for entreprenuers, business owners. This podcast is called – How to grow your online business super […]

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