Incredible Focus T25 Results – Jennifer S.

I remember when the Focus T25 program was first introduced to the public. A lot people questioned whether or not you could really get a good workout and great results in just 25 minutes a day. But as the T25 results started pouring in from the test group, everyone realized that this program was the real deal. And the changes people were seeing in their bodies were insane!

And these T25 results are no different. This transformation is from a Coach on our team, Jennifer S. Her T25 results are truly inspiring, and I hope that her story will inspire you to keep moving forward on your journey!

Focus T25 Results – Jennifer S.

focus t25 before and after - greg and christine plaskettI started with T25 because a friend gave me her copy of Alpha when she was done. I started it on and off for about a year before my real Beachbody journey began. I had also had signed up for Beachbody On Demand to try out some other programs but didn’t stick with anything. In October 2015 I committed to finish the 5 week program. About 3 weeks in I ordered 21 Day Fix and became a coach. I knew I also needed to add the nutrition piece and 21 Day Fix has completely changed the way I eat and think about food. 

Since then I have completed T25, 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix, 2 Rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Brazilian Butt Lift and Country Heat. I lost 29 pounds and over 36 inches. 

But it takes commitment. Before achieving these T25 results, I would start and stop over and over again. I would go all in for about 3 weeks, maybe a month or two at the most. Lose 10 pounds. Then end up gaining 10+ back.

I wanted to change the way I felt. I was 198 pounds and knew if I didn’t change something I would hit 200 sooner rather than later. I was tired all of the time. My hips hurt. I felt like my hip kept popping out of joint. I woke up most mornings with an achy back. I blamed my mattress but I was really just out of shape and overweight. I hated clothes shopping for bigger sizes each season. And constantly was cropping my body out of pictures.  

I also needed to dial in my nutrition. I became very lazy about my food choices and started believing I was too busy to worry about it. I needed to change my priorities to take care of me.  

My T25 results showed me that I could do a workout and stick with it. It was only 25 minutes a day which was perfect to get started. And I loved Tanya, the modifier. I followed her for a lot of it while still getting great results.   

The 3 week 21 Day Fix program, helped me change the way eat so that I am fueling my body rather than rewarding myself with food. The food lists really helped me learn the right foods to choose just as much as teaching portion control. 

When I achieved my T25 results, I felt unstoppable! I felt strong and in control, which is something I was missing. Not only was my physical health out of control so was my mental health.  I finally felt like being tired and out of shape wasn’t just something that happened when you turn 40. I took charge of my health to help me live a better and happier life.  

2017 T25 Results Update

Connect with Jennifer:  getfitwithschmitz.net  | getfitwithschmitz@gmail.com 

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