Team Beachbody Coach Greg Plaskett

When I look at my life now, it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t a Team Beachbody coach. But it’s worth looking back at how it all started, so here’s my story.

Team Beachbody Coach Greg Plaskett

At age 12, I decided not to play short stop in the All Star Game because I wanted to do what I wanted to do and not what my father wanted me to do. At this time my obsession with baseball was starting to fade. I was introduced to BMX racing and after my 1st race I was hooked.

As a 12-year-old kid who looked up to Evel Knievel, the thought of jumping a bike on a track was awesome! Oh and I get to wear helmet? SIGN ME UP! However telling my dad, who was a coach and league president wasn’t going to be easy. But, I wanted to do the sport that I WANTED to do.

My Mother took me to my 1st 4 races. Eventually my Dad was coming too. He would start giving me tips on where to go into a turn and where to pedal. I raced at our local track for 2 years until the track closed.

About a year later a new track was opening up a couple of towns over in Bristol CT, so we started racing there. By this time my younger brother Dan was also racing. (RIP Bro. I’ll share more on that in another blog in the near future.)

Almost 2 years later, my Dad started filling in as an announcer, eventually taking over the announcer spot for the Bristol track, and also becoming Track Director as the people who started the track decided to leave. By this time, my dad was no longer involved in our town Little League program.

I ended up racing BMX until the age of 32. My Dad, who wanted nothing to do with the sport, ended up becoming the main announcer for all 4 tracks in the State of Connecticut, and was also one of the best announcers in the country for the NBL (National Bicycle League). He even went on to announce the UCI World Championships.

BMX was my life. I lived and breathed it. My friend and I rode everyday and created some amazing memories. I was ranked #1 in Connecticut a couple of years and I was ranked nationally #7 at my best. I decided to turn Pro between 1995 and 1996 and raced at that level for 3 years. Then for the last couple of years I just stuck to racing local at the Foothills BMX Track in Connecticut, which is a track that I helped build. I also worked in the bike industry for 13 years, selling high end bikes and as a mechanic.

I started mountain biking as a cross training sport in 1990. I still ride Mountain bikes today and have fellow Team Beachbody coaches on my team who enjoy this great sport too. I also started Skiing at the age of 12. I think I like things that require balance and speed I still am an avid skier and got our entire family into it.

Currently, my wife Christine and I are both full-time Team Beachbody Coaches and have built an incredible business together. So much has changed since we made the choice to start this business and for the better.

Before the Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity was shared with us, we were both full-time corporate employees working 50+ hours per week. We had our two kids in day care and were stressed from living the rat race every single day. And then the unexpected happened I was let go from my job and suddenly we had to figure out how to support our family on one income.

To say things were rough for a while is an understatement.

To help support my family, I decided to start my own lawn care company. In December of 2010, right before Beachbody was introduced to us, I had just finished working for the year. As an owner of a lawn care business, I was off work until the Spring 2011. I had just finished 40 fall cleanups and was completely worn out. As the winter passed I ended up putting on 20 pounds! I was always in shape, but I guess turning 40 made things change a bit. And my PS3 didn’t help the matter LOL

I tried going back to the gym, however that lasted only two weeks as I was sick of the same old thing and traveling in the snow at night to workout just wasn’t sitting well with me. We owned a treadmill and some weights, and decided we were going to work out at home. So we quit our gym memberships, and decided to make the dumbbells and that once coat hanger of a treadmill actually work for us.

The problem with this scenario was that we really had no clue what we were doing. I mean we had some idea, but we were just doing the basics. Looking back, one of the things was that we didn’t have anything for that extra push. We hardly broke a sweat.

Enter Team Beachbody P90X.

We saw the infomercial for P90X many times over the years, but always thought working out at home was a joke. I decided to look into this more and found a clip of Ab RipperX on Youtube. Ab RipperX is the 16 minute ab workout from P90X. So we hooked up my laptop to the TV and proceeded to do the workout. Only it was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. We only did 3 of the exercises and were laughing because it was so hard. And that’s when we knew this was for us and we went ahead and ordered it.

Once P90X arrived we read the nutrition plan and checked out the workout schedule. We were going to start in a couple of days because we wanted to understand the nutrition plan and take the fit test that is recommended before you start. Together we did 90 days of P90X side by side, sometimes starting at 10:00 at night, after we put the kids to bed. Whatever it takes right?

And it changed our lives.

P90X not only works, but it’s a turnkey workout program, meaning everything is there for you to succeed, you just need to trust the program push play everyday and do your absolute best. My end results as you see on my home page were incredible. I went from 191lbs to 170lbs in 90 days and got ripped! I more than tripled the amount of pull ups I could do. I started with 6 pull ups and at the end of 90 days I could do 22.

I have never gotten results like that at the gym. I had people asking me what I was doing and I simply shared with information about our journey. I was paying it forward and it felt good.

Joining Team Beachbody as a Coach

During this time, Christine and I always joked that we were meant to win the lottery. And when the Coaching Opportunity with Team Beachbody was shared with me, I immediately called her at work to share it with her. And after hearing the details, she said to go for it.

Looking back, we now realize that this opportunity was our winning lottery ticket.

So I joined Team Beachbody as a Coach on July 27th 2011 with the intent to build a massive business. We already knew the products worked, now we just needed to share with people and now that we were coaches we could earn an income doing what we were already doing: paying it forward.

The first person I signed up was my amazing wife, then a friend, and so on.

I plugged into the team calls held by my upline sponsor and learned as I went along to build this business.

In February of 2012, my wife and I decided to sell my lawn care business and I became a full time Team Beachbody Coach within a year (her job was able to support us while we built our new business).

Fast forward to the present, we went from living on one income struggling to stay afloat, to making a full-time income from home doing something that we love while helping others. And the best part? We were able to bring my wife home from her corporate job after 25 years and she now has more time to spend with our family and helping others create a better life.

Team Beachbody Coach Greg Plaskett with Tony Horton

Team Beachbody® Leadership Conference Me with Tony Horton, creator of Beachbody’s P90X

I am now a 10 Star Diamond 4X Elite Team Beachbody coach and my wife is a 2 star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach. We have helped hundreds of people get fit physically and financially and have been in the top .01% of the company out of 370,000 coaches the past 3 years. I am also a Beachbody Challenge winner of $500.00.

We get asked a lot of questions about Coaching, but one of the questions that we get asked often is Can you really be successful with it?

And our answer is YES!

The philosophy of Team Beachbody Coaching is simple: It’s about people helping people.

We have met some amazing people since becoming Coaches. But one of the best parts is being able to pay it forward. There’s nothing like getting a text message thanking you for helping someone achieve their goals. It’s an amazing feeling and it makes you want to continue striving to be better.

But as much as we love helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, our favorite part about being Coaches is helping people start their own Beachbody business. It’s changed our lives in so many ways, and to be able to help someone else see the value in what this company has to offer is extremely rewarding.

When you have a chance, check out this podcast that I was interviewed on: Why A Home-based Business Is Better Than Anything Else. It will help to give you even more information on what we do.

Team Beachbody has truly changed our entire lives and we find it a disservice not to share with as many people as possible. So we decided to create this blog to help people live healthy, fulfilling lives and end the trend of obesity in this country. I would love to help you reach your goals, so please feel free to reach out via the Contact Page or on social media. I’d love to meet you.

Greg Plaskett


  • I’m a husband and dad to 2 great kids
  • I’m a 4X Elite and 10 Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach. Elite Coaches represent the top .001% of successful business builders in the network
  • I’m a former corporate employee and entreprenuer turned network marketing professional
  • People always tell me I’m motivating, witty, fun and genuine
  • I’m P90X Certified and a Certified Insanity Instructor
  • I love helping people get in the best shape of their lives
  • I get new product info before it hits the market (Elite Coach Perk)
  • I’ve built a Beachbody team of over 5,300 Coaches and several have achieved full time incomes
  • Outside of Beachbody workouts, I mountain bike and ski

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Statement of Independent Coach Earnings.