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Learn about our favorite post workout drink and additional workout supplements

Written by Greg PlaskettWhen I got started with Beachbody 5 years ago I did the P90X program and got incredible results. Check out my P90X Transformation results!  One thing I noticed right away was how sore my muscles were after each workout.  So sore that I almost couldn’t do the next day’s workout!  I purchased the Beachbody P90X Results and Recovery formula which made a huge difference. No more post workout sore muscles.
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We used R&R for about 4 years and loved it.  R&R has 26 grams of sugar, 220 calories,10 grams of protein and 500 mg of creatine and is gluten free. The flavor is orange and a bit sweet. It tastes really good over ice!  Similar to an orange popsicle. The serving size is two scoops.

Always be sure to drink your post workout drink within 1 hour of completing your workout. This is the best time to get nutrients into your body.


Enter Beachbody’s Performance Line

While the p90X Results and Recovery drink is still available, Beachbody has recently released a new Beachbody Peformance Line which contains a pre workout, post workout and more.

Post WorkoutThe Beachbody Peformance Ultimate Stack in a line of a highly effective, cutting edge supplements!

  1. Energize – Pre workout
  2. Hydrate – During your workout
  3. Recover – Post workout
  4. Creatine – Post Workout (Not for everyone 😉 )
  5. Recharge – Before bed

These products work together, synergistically to provide you with the best possible results, no matter your fitness level or goals.

  • Cardio or Strength training (including Weightlifting)
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Mountain biking, Road biking
  • and so much more!

Beachbody Performance balances science with clean, natural resources. A big KEY FACTOR with this the entire performance line is it’s NSF Certified for sports.

The ultimate stack contains all 5 supplements. You can also get a few other group options or order each product separately.

post workout

IRONMAN series

iron man post workoutThe beachbody performance line is now the official supplement line for the US IRONMAN Series.

You can learn more in the IronMan Press Release – Beachbody Performance Named Official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the IRONMAN North American Series.

So here’s my review of each Beachbody Peformance drinks.  I’m going to start with the Post Workout drink as that’s what most people are interested in 😉


pre workout

Chocolate Recover

The Newest Post Workout from Beachbody

RECOVER (post workout): CHOCOLATE and ORANGE flavors. Taking in the right nutrients just after training is crucial and the most effective way to help improve recovery and reduce those sore muscles.

Recover does this by providing the proper proteins and phytonutrients to help facilitate muscle recovery & repair while helping reduce the exercise induced muscle breakdown. Recovery gives you 20 grams of high quality fast “intermediate and slow release proteins (whey isolate, pea, and microcellar casein protein). Recover also assures you have a sustained supply of amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle growth.

Recover uses the branch chaine amino acides, BCAA’S at a 2:2:1 Ratio of (leucine: isoleucine: valine). These types of amino acids are unique in in helping promote muscle synthesis. P90X R&R does not contain BCAA’s.

Another key ingredient is pomegranate extract. Instead of using NSAID’s (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) Beachbody is all natural.  Pomegranate extracts help reduce muscle soreness and improve strength recovery.

This post workout drink is important for training successive days especially at the beginning of a program when you’re prone to soreness.

post workout

Beachbody Post Workout Ingredient List

The post workout drink tastes just like chocolate milk and the orange like a creamsicle. It’s not chalky and blends up extremely well. I just use a shaker cup with a ball inside. I love it over ice after a sweaty workout.  As a male, I also add 1 scoop of Creatine to my drink to increase muscle mass. I share more about Creatine below.

Be sure to drink this post workout drink at least 30 minutes-1 hour after your workout.

The orange flavor is less fruity than the P90X Results and Recovery mentioned above.

Having two different flavors for recover is great. Sometimes I feel like chocolate, and sometimes I feel like orange.



post workout

Orange Recover

post workout

Orange Recover


Beachbody Pre Workout Drink

ENERGIZE: This is a pre workout drink that my wife and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and use before all of our intense workouts! I use this for mountain biking as well.

The 3 main ingredients are Beta-alanine , Low Dose Caffiene , and Querctin. The flourecent color is all natural and comes from the purest form of Querctin available. It can get all over everything if your not careful….lol.  But it won’t stain 😉  If you weight 160lbs and under just one scoop in 8 oz is recommended. Over 16olbs 2 scoops is recommended.

pre workout

Some people may get a tingling in their hands and face for a bit. My wife actually has her ears tingle for a bit. This feeling eventually subsides and you will no longer feel it.post workout

I personally don’t have any tingling but I do feel a difference and get that pre workout rush. However, this product doesn’t hit as hard and comes on smoother than other products I have used.  This pre workout works AWESOME!  And you won’t develop an immunity to it.  Energize is designed to improve performance the more you use it.


Beachbody HYDRATE Drink

HYDRATE: I absolutely love this drink during my workouts and while mountain biking.  As we know water is not always the best way to replenish the body during exercise to maintain top performance. With Hydrate, your body flourishes with a balance of carbs and electrolytes mixed in with the water. This balance is known as osmolality.

Now for the really technical stuff

Osmosis is a process by which a solvent such as water passes through a semipermeable membrane (such as your gut lining) from a less concentrated solution, to a more concentrated one in order to equalize the concentrations. (Say WHAT?) IF your concentration is filled with sugar (hypertronic) it is more concentrated than your blood, in turn may absorb slowly or even dehydrate you. Most sports drinks are Hypertronic due to the high sugar content. Therefore Hydrate is a much more effective and healthier way of hydrating your body with no artificial garbage.




A Hypotronic hydration source is less concentrated and will absorb faster into your blood. The cool thing about Beachbody’s Hydrate….it is Slightly Hypotronic assuring rapid fluid absorbtion and ushering in electrolytes while aiding the body’s fluid balance. Under normal circumstances you can lose up to a gallon of water a day. Highly active situations can be up to 3 gallons a day.

When used as recommended Hydrate has been scientifically formulated to account for the amount of sweat loss during your intense workouts helping to improve recovery and effectiveness.

NOTE: I use Hydrate in my camelback hydration system for mountain biking.  I use a 110oz camelbak and I only use 4 scoops. I have yet to have leg cramps. I feel strong till the end of my ride.  Another great fact is that because of the low sugar content your camelback is easier to clean.

I also use Energize before my rides. I mix up at my house then on the drive to my ride I drink it down. Energize and Hydrate stacked is incredible for cyclists, runners, triathletes, giving you optimum performance. I also used the entire performance line on a ski trip at Jackson Hole. This helped with leg fatigue and recovery in a big way, not to mention I was skiing with Tony Horton 🙂


Beachbody RECHARGE Drink

RECHARGE: During sleep is when your body is primed for recovery. Recharge is formulated to get the best out of your night while you sleep.  The Recharge is a Vanilla Flavor that I really enjoy. I mix it with just water in a shaker cup and a mixer ball. This Product providing 20 grams Casein protein so you need to shake a bit more than the others. It tends to clump up as do all casein products. You could try using a blender.

The key components in Recharge help promote overnight recovery and repair at the same time combating soreness. Microcellar Casein Protein is used in Recharge.

After about 2 days drinking this before bed I start to really see a difference. I also tend to sleep much better. And waking up with very minimal soreness is exactly what this product is supposed to do. Also Recharge provides the same BCAA’s as found in the post workout drink Recover.
RechargeTart Cherry is used in the Recharge. It’s an anthocyanin and is a phytonutrient being investigated as a natural agent in recovery to combat inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness both in resistance and endurance athletes.


Beachbody CREATINE Post Workout Drink

CREATINE: If you’re a strength training athlete, Beachbody’s Creatine may be an additional supplement to add to your plan.  It will improve your performance and increase muscle mass.

Primarily men take creatine, although body building woman can take it as well.  I recommend taking two scoops in your Post workout Recovery for the 1st week. Then 1 scoop for remainder of the program stopping creatine about 10 days before your final day.

You will notice that you’ll gain a few extra water weight lbs while on this supplement. When you stop taking Creatine, that extra weight will be dropped. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and stop about 10 days before end of your program to rid the water retention and look ripped.

This creatine is 100% creatine monohydrate. Other concoctions have been created over the years but never lived up to the hype. This is the purest and highest quality creatine available.


Energy and Endurance  / E&E

Energy and Endurance or E&E was Beachbody’s first pre workout drink that hit harder and quicker, in my opinion. The downside for me is it doesn’t last as long as the Energize pre workout drink. I still drink it on occasion but not as much as it has a higher caffeine content. Still pretty clean with no garbage ingredients. It’s a lemon lime flavor.

pre workout

More about the Performance Line from Dr. Nima Alamdari:

Don’t forget you can order a complete month’s supply of the Beachbody Performance line can be found clicking on the link or picture below.

post workout supplements

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