Wow! Certified Organic, Non-GMO Smoothies for Kids!

Organic Smoothies for Kids
How many times in the afternoon or after school have you asked yourself what healthy snack can I give my kids.  Or if you pack their lunch and snacks you stare in the refrigerator or cupboard looking for someting healthy that they’ll eat.  What if I told you the most amazing healthy and delicious smoothies for kids is now available?  Yup…It’s true.  And, I CAN’T WAIT to share more with you.

Smoothies for KidsI’m a mom, who has lost weight and now I maintain my weight loss and I eat healthy.  Well… most of the time…. nobody’s perfect, right? 😉   And I do my best to share my love for staying fit and eating healthy with my kids.  But at times, it’s really hard to get them to eat all of their fruits, vegetables, good fats and proteins.  There are some days I feel stressed wondering….what did my kids eat today?   I mean geez….I’m fit and healthy, shouldn’t my kids be too? Talk about feeling like railty and like you’re a ‘bad mom’ 🙁

My daughter is 14 and has Celiac Disesase (you can read our story on we discovered that we both have Celiac Disease on my How to eat Gluten Free blog) so she’s really good with focusing on good nutrition.

Now my 10 year old son is another story.   I started to notice how many ‘treats’ he’s been trying to eat lately.   His diet seems to be more focused on carbs rather than nutritious whole foods.  I love it when I see him eating some cucumber or carrots 😉

And then, when we go to the super market they ask for a drink, other than water.  It’s always a battle.   Have you ever tried finding a ‘healthy’ alternative to water. It’s next to impossible.  Everything contains chemicals and preservatives….Artificial flavors, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Red #4, Blue #5, Sucrose, Aspertame.  Ick!!! And the sugar content is shocking….23 mg, 48 mg.  Seriously crazy!

Get this? Finally, there are healthy and delicious smoothies for kids!

Smoothies for Kids

The co-creator of Shakelogy, Isabella Daikeler, is a mom and she struggles with the same challenges we all struggle with….getting our kids to eat healty and delicious foods.

She created Shakeology for all of us as adults and wanted something that was similar for our kids so we don’t have to battle with them and worry about them getting the right amount of nutrition each day.

These new smoothies for kids are called Daily Sunshine.

Daily Sunshine

I LOVE this name…Don’t we all need a dose of daily sunshine 🙂

  • It contains organic fruits, vegetables, pea proteins and healthy fats.
  • Fiber and probiotics
  • It’s Pediatrician approved.
  • FDA Approved.
  • It’s great for an after school snack.
  • It’s easy.  They simply add water or their favorite beverage and shake.

We can be happy to give them this delicious tasting smoothie.  For us adults, we can use it as a mid-day snack, too.

smoothies for kids

How are these smoothies for kids different?

Curious on how these smoothies are different than any other healthy snack or other smoothies for kids. Daily Sunshine is:

  • Made from certified organic ingredients
  • Is Non-gmo
  • Is Soy Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free
  • Contains No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavors or Colors or preservatives
  • Only has 130 calories
  • No other food need to be added

You may also be thinking, why can’t I just use a 1/4 or 1/2 a scoop of Shakeology instead of these smoothies for kids?  Shakeolgy contains over 70 all natural ingredients that may be too much for our kids.  Daily sunshine contains simple fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, antioxidants and calcium.

My children’s pediatrican was just sharing with us at their last Physical how critical Calcium is for children.  New research is showing that bone density and strength reach their maximum absorption by the age of 27.  Of course, it’s still very important for all of us to continue to get our calcium so we don’t lose what we’ve build up.

Kid Tested. Mother Approved.  He liked it!


An average kid snack vs a healthy smoothie for kids

Have you ever stopped to grab your kid a snack at a convenience store?  I never really stopped to think about what it would cost for simple bag of Doritios (my son’s favorite) and a soda.  My son BEGS for these types of food items every time we go to the store.  And…I have to fight and tell him no and explain why.  Ugh!

I stopped at the store the other day and this is what I purchased – Doritos and a bottle of Sprite.  The cost was…..$3.75!

junk food vs smoothies for kids

smoothies for kids junk food cost comparison

With the doritos and soda, there’s no health benefit….at all!  In reality these kinds of foods will basically make my kid have a sugar spike, become agitated and restless and long term gain weight and be nutritionally deficient.

The cost of Daily Sunshine

I know…you’re already thinking…I LOVE this product.  And, now you want to know what it will cost.  As a mom, you know how expensive it can be for food every week.  When I compared the price to a healthy smoothie for kids, here’s what I found:

  • $4.30 per smoothie / $129.95 per month  (Retail price)
  • $3.20 per smoothie / $97 per month (Coach/loyal member price. Please message me for details on how to get this price 🙂 )

Remember you purchase a month’s supply so the total price seems like a lot.  If you were to purchase a snack as I described above for 30 days that would cost = $112.50

Daily Sunshine

Part of the reason for the cost is because frankly, certifications are expensive.  But people REALLY WANT TO KNOW that what they are drinking is ‘Certified’ organic, gluten free, soy free and dairy free and non-gmo.

So, the cost is basically the same as an unhealthy snack, but the difference in health benefits is huge:

Organic Smoothies for Kids

Daily Sunshine – Organic Smoothies for Kids


smoothies for kids daily sunshine ingredients

Daily Sunshine Ingredients


smoothies for kids dorito label

Doritos Ingredients


smoothies for kids soda label

Sprite Ingredients

You may be thinking that snacks purchased in packages at the super market would cost less…..cookies or chips in a larger bag and soda in larger packs.  Yes, they would, but the health benefit difference remains the same.  And to me….that cost is truly priceless.   I want my children to be as healthy as they can be.  These are their growing years physically and mentally.

Not ready to purchase?

You could always purchase a 4 pack Daily Sunshine sampler as well to see if your kiddos like the smoothies.

Smoothies for Kids - Daily Sunshine Sampler Pack

As with all the Beachbody Products, there’s a 30 day bottom of the bag, money back guarantee.

And don’t forget this isn’t just for our own kiddos!   If you have nieces, nephews or grandchildren, this would make a great snack for them too 🙂

If you’re really thinking, I wish I could afford this but just can’t at this time.  Maybe consider joining my team so you can earn an income so you can get this amazing smoothie for your kids and Shakeology for you 🙂    I became a coach myself 6 years ago.  At first I had no idea what an amazing opportunity was in front of me.  Since then my lifestyle has completely changed.  I work from home full-time now so I can be there for my kiddos each and every day.  And now…that the company has developed a smoothies for kids….I coudn’t be happier!!!


Smoothies for Kids







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